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Seeking the best gutter cleaning that the Illawarra region has to offer is a fantastic way to keep your business, school or organisation running smoothly and safely. Commercial Building Repairs has years of experience solving everyday and complicated gutter cleaning issues in the Illawarra area. 

So if you need professional gutter cleaning for your commercial property, don’t wait any longer to get in touch with the best gutter cleaning service around!

Why Do You Need Commercial Gutter Cleaning?


Throughout the year, debris such as leaves, twigs, branches and other small items collect in your gutter. Rainwater can flush smaller pieces down the drain, but larger debris can get stuck. 

This is what causes significant blockages in your commercial gutters. Water is unable to drain and instead soaks into the debris. When the temperatures drop, damp debris freezes, making it even more difficult for the water to drain sufficiently. Clogs can also cause unnecessary overflow, especially during heavy rainfall or storms. 


Debris is an appealing home for critters such as mice, rats and cockroaches. Your gutters will seem the perfect place as these pests look for an inviting habitat, especially during the colder months, or to hide from predators.

Pest infestations can cause more damage than you’d expect. Besides the inconvenience, they also bring disease and may even find a way into your commercial property if there is any roof damage. 

Foundational Damage

Pests and debris can also lead to foundational damage, which is why we provide professional gutter cleaning in Shellharbour or any part of Illawarra. The best gutter cleaners understand that it is a vital maintenance task for your commercial property. If water cannot drain due to debris, the weight of the gutter will increase. Although this may not seem significant, the density of damp debris will eventually add too much weight, tearing the gutter from the wall and causing potentially extensive foundational damage. 

Contact Us Now

Whether you need gutter cleaning in Wollongong or any area in the Illawarra region, Commercial Building Repair has the best solution. Our expert team is ready to hear from you anytime, so get in touch with our office for a consultation or to request free quotes. Contact us at 1300 363 423 for all your commercial gutter cleaning service needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Why Choose Us? 

Commercial gutter care and maintenance are crucial for ensuring the safety of your property. But it isn’t advisable to clean your roof gutters yourself. So choosing Commercial Building Repairs for gutter cleaning in Wollongong and beyond is a fantastic solution. 

Extensive Knowledge

Commercial Building Repair prides itself on its extensive knowledge of an array of commercial building systems and designs, meaning there is no structure or property our gutter cleaners cannot assess and resolve. 

Honesty and Integrity

We don’t believe in hidden fees or keeping our customers guessing, and we will always give you the cost upfront before starting any work on your commercial property. With Commercial Building Repairs, you can expect honesty every time. 

Skilled Team 

Our team of gutter cleaners boasts decades of experience across a wide range of projects and specialities, making us the go-to choice for gutter cleaning services & gutter guard installation.